Insureka Becomes the First Insurance Company to use ACM, an ATM-Like Machine that Can Settle Claims

The first insurance business to employ ACM, a device that functions like an ATM and can pay claims, is Insureka. – With the use of cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology and its most recent advancements, digital insurance company Insureka! is pleased to present the first automated claim machine (ACM) in history. It was initially introduced as an ATM kiosk in Indonesia.

According to Kunal Adnani, Chief Revenue Officer of Insureka!, the company’s first ACM is a creative way for auto owners to be more efficient and practical when handling a variety of problems pertaining to auto insurance.

The ACM’s original location is in Artha Gading, Jakarta, near ATM Center Mall. To further reach and assist the larger community, Insureka! intends to place comparable devices in a number of additional locations in the near future.

“We are proud to be the pioneers of innovation in vehicle insurance services and products in Indonesia through the presence of the first automated claim machine in the world from Insureka!” said Adnani in his statement on Friday, November 3, 2023.  

Adnani highlights insureka’s ACM, providing digital access to vehicle insurance claims filing, simplified communication with the team, and guidance on policy options and buying processes, with partner workshops dispersed throughout Indonesia.

According to Adnani, the ACM of insureka! gives users digital access to the vehicle insurance claims filing service, making their experience more pleasant.

Moreover, clients can purchase new insurance through this ACM, and direct communication with the Insureka team is made simpler.

It is accomplished by video conferences and getting guidance on policy options, buying processes, and other current insureka! information. The list of partner workshops for insureka, which are dispersed around Indonesia, is also visible.

“Automated Claim Machines have become one of our ways to revolutionize car insurance. With the presence of the first automated claim machine in Indonesia from Insureka!, we hope to provide a better and more comfortable experience for our customers in managing their car insurance,” said Adnani.

“We are committed to continuously improving our best services with a digital approach, while maintaining close proximity and direct communication with our customers, ensuring a more convenient experience, and enabling customers to access and interact directly with Insureka! through various channels,” he said.***

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