Work Accident Insurance: Benefits, Conditions and How to Buy It

Workers’ compensation insurance is a type of insurance that covers all risks related to work.

Work accident insurance is similar to personal accident insurance. What type of insurance is specifically intended for workers, both in the office and in the field?

The following is a complete explanation of the meaning, benefits and how to claim!

Learn about workers’ compensation insurance Before learning more about workers’ compensation insurance, it’s a good idea to know what workers’ compensation insurance is. What is meant by workers’ compensation insurance is insurance for workers.

This insurance provides protection or compensation if an employee experiences an accident while working or on the way to work.

There are two work accident insurance options in Indonesia, namely the Work Accident Insurance Program (JKK) which is organized by the government through BPJS Employment or BPJamsostek and private insurance against work accidents from insurance companies.

BPJS Employment Work Accident Insurance Regulations Having work accident insurance or work accident insurance is one of the workers’ rights protected by law in Indonesia.

The current regulation is Government Regulation Number 44 of 2015 concerning the Implementation of the Work Accident and Death Insurance Program.

In this Government Regulation, what is meant by JKK or work accident insurance are benefits in the form of money and/or health services provided if the participant experiences a work accident or illness caused by the work environment.

The job security benefits in the 2015 Regulations have undergone changes in line with the publication of Government Regulation Number 82 of 2019 concerning Amendments to PP Number 44 of 2015 concerning the Implementation of the Work Accident and Death Insurance Program.

Benefits of Work Accident Compensation Insurance Work accidents can happen anytime and anywhere.

Therefore, the existence of work accident insurance is very important for every employee.

By getting this insurance benefit, every employee will feel more financially secure.

Some of the benefits of workers’ compensation insurance include: Medical and health care costs if a work accident occurs.

Death benefit.

Monthly compensation to replace income for a certain period of time in accordance with the terms of the insurance contract.

Meanwhile, the benefits provided by JKK in the BPJamsostek program include: Salary compensation when not working 100% for the first 6 months, 75% for the second 6 months, and 50% until recovery.

The amount of death compensation due to a work accident is 48 times the salary stated by the company (employer) or participant’s family.

Compensation allowance for children of participants who die or are permanently disabled as a result of a work accident is IDR 12 million.

Terms and how to buy work accident insurance

Regardless of which workers’ compensation insurance company you choose, certain general conditions must be met to benefit from this insurance.

For your information, work accident insurance is generally a facility provided by the company.

However, if the company you work for does not provide this facility or only offers BPJS Employment, you can purchase it independently.

The following are some of the conditions needed to get work accident insurance:

  • Fill out the work accident insurance registration form.
  • Identity cards such as KTP or SIM.
  • Required documents or other requirements.

After completing the application, you can register to buy work accident insurance just like buying other insurance such as life insurance or health insurance.

Individuals or companies can carry out all registration procedures with insurance companies.

Are you considering purchasing accident insurance?

Now you can do it online.

Learn more here about online insurance, what are the benefits?

After that, you can go to the insurance company or online to fill in the form and necessary data.

Then, the insurance company will process the insurance purchase that has been submitted by the individual or company.

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