Mandiri Flexi Protection Insurance from AXA Mandiri Provides Premium Refunds of up to 120 Percent

PT AXA Mandiri Financial Services (AXA Mandiri) launched Asuransi Mandiri Flexi Proteksi – Asuransi Mandiri Flexi Proteksi is a new insurance product launched by PT AXA Mandiri Financial Services (AXA Mandiri).

This year, AXA Mandiri launched Asuransi Mandiri Flexi Proteksi. This product provides life protection benefits and provides a choice of benefits and premium returns of up to 120 percent of the total basic premium.

According to a statement from the President and Director of AXA Mandiri, Handojo G. Kusuma, through this product, AXA Mandiri provides life and health protection benefits, as well as protection from 77 critical conditions and flexibility in premium payments.

“We believe that customers’ futures should not be at risk so that their dreams can be fully realized.” For this reason, we are presenting Asuransi Mandiri Flexi Proteksi as AXA Mandiri’s newest innovation this year for customers to make their dreams come true through life and health protection, with up to a 120 percent return on premiums if no claims or risks occur during the insurance period,” said Handojo in his statement on Tuesday, October 10, 2023.

According to him, entering the post-pandemic period, public awareness of the need for health protection continues to increase.

Reporting from a survey report entitled “Indonesia’s Perceptions and Attitude Towards Health and Life Insurance Products” conducted by the Populix Survey Agency in January 2023 shows that 73 percent of Indonesian people are aware of the importance of having health insurance.

In addition, he explained, in recent times, Jakarta has also been facing serious problems related to air pollution, which can trigger respiratory problems such as asthma, acute respiratory infections (ARI), and lung cancer, thus making the public increasingly aware of the importance of having health protection.

Asuransi Mandiri Flexi Proteksi offers a comprehensive coverage that can be customized according to the customer’s needs and preferences. Customers can choose from various coverage options and riders to enhance their protection. The product also includes a cash value component which allows customers to accumulate savings over time.

In addition to its flexibility, Asuransi Mandiri Flexi Proteksi offers several benefits to the policyholders. These benefits include financial assistance in case of accidental death, hospital cash benefit, and reimbursement for medical expenses related to critical illnesses.

AXA Mandiri aims to provide comprehensive financial protection and peace of mind to its customers through the launch of this new product. With Asuransi Mandiri Flexi Proteksi, customers can have the flexibility to choose the coverage that suits their individual needs while having the assurance that they are protected against unexpected events.

Meanwhile, the Director of AXA Mandiri, Rudi Nugraha, said, “We all need to understand the importance of having good health protection and financial planning so that it can help us realize a future without worry.”

Along with this, one of the advantages offered by Asuransi Mandiri Flexi Proteksi is the benefit of returning premiums of up to 120 percent of the total basic premium, which will be paid at the end of the insurance period if there are no claims or risks.***



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