What is the difference between Insurance and BPJS, which one? Have more benefit?

The difference between insurance and BPJS is management. BPJS is run by the government, while insurance is run by private companies.

The difference between insurance and BPJS is management. BPJS is run by the government, while insurance is run by private companies.

There are also some differences, from premium costs to fringe benefits. So that you are not confused, the points below will explain the difference between insurance and BPJS.

5 differences between insurance and BPJS Santé

Does BPJS include insurance?

In fact, this is more accurately called health insurance. However, because of the same benefits, people often only choose insurance or BPJS. Here is the comparison.

1. Insurance fees

This is a mandatory monthly contribution for Insurance and BPJS participants. Bonuses for BPJS participants start from IDR 35,000 to IDR 150,000, depending on the tier. Meanwhile, insurance premiums range from tens of thousands to several hundred thousand rupees per month. For example, Receh Insurance, a product of Ciputra Life, offers a very cheap single premium for a one-year warranty.

2. Insurance limits

Insurance covers the cost of treatment at a clinic or hospital.

BPJS: BPJS supports each class with no limit on the number of treatment days.

Insurance: With private insurance, you are free to choose your treatment room as long as it meets your insurance limits. This involves daily maintenance costs and days of care.

3. Insurance benefits

Insurance benefits include all services you receive.

BPJS: The care under BPJS coverage is actually quite comprehensive, including pregnancy. But you will not find guarantees for life.

Insurance: Overall, coverage is equivalent to BPJS. The advantage of private health insurance is that there is a life insurance product.

4. Complaint procedure

The significant difference between public insurance and private insurance lies in the claims procedure.

BPJS: Before going to the hospital, the patient must have a referral from a frontline medical facility.

Insurance: The claim is that it is hassle-free, faster and prioritizes patient comfort. If you apply for Receh insurance, claims will be paid within 24 hours if the conditions are met.

5. Scope of service

Illness and misfortune certainly cannot be predicted when and where they will occur. What to do if you suddenly get sick while on vacation out of town?

BPJS: A letter of recommendation from the local BPJS office is required to seek treatment at a frontline medical facility.

Insurance: The advantage of private insurance is that as long as the hospital works with relevant parties, you only need to register.

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