Accidentally Folded Up on a Folding Sofa, a Cat Gets the Most Unique Pet Insurance Claim This Year

The Most Unique Pet Insurance Claim This Year, Won by a Cat Who Accidentally Got Folded on a Folding Sofa

The Most Unique Pet Insurance Claim This Year
The Most Unique Pet Insurance Claim This Year – Pet insurance is not very familiar to our ears. But it turns out that buying insurance for a cat or dog is important.

Caring for animals, both pets and livestock, is not easy, but it is very fun. But apart from food, we also have to take care of other needs such as shelter, a place to dispose of waste, and the animal’s mood.

All of this will be more complete if we add insurance for our beloved pets. Even though it is not as popular as other types of insurance, this type of insurance has been circulating in Indonesia for quite some time.

Lets find out the importance of insuring pet insurance followship below:

What is Pet Insurance?

Pet Insurance is protection for pets against certain risks. These risks vary from sick animals, total permanent disability or due to accidents, to death.

Pet insurance is similar to health insurance for humans but is specifically designed to cover the healthcare costs of pets. It helps pet owners manage unexpected veterinary expenses, especially in the case of accidents, injuries, or illnesses.

In fact, pet insurance is a derivative of property insurance products that are modified to suit the needs of pet owners.

Most pet insurance plans work on a reimbursement basis, where the owner pays for veterinary treatment upfront and then submits a claim to the insurance company for reimbursement. The amount covered by the insurance company varies depending on the plan, deductible, and reimbursement percentage chosen by the owner.

Pet insurance policies typically cover costs for veterinary exams, surgeries, diagnostic tests, medications, and treatments for accidents and illnesses. Some plans may also offer coverage for routine care, such as vaccinations, flea control, and dental care. However, not all plans cover pre-existing conditions or breed-specific conditions.

It is important for pet owners to carefully research and compare different pet insurance options to find a plan that best fits their needs and budget. Factors to consider include the cost of the plan, coverage limits, deductibles, waiting periods, and exclusions.

Types of Pet Insurance

The understanding and use of pet insurance are not the same as life or health insurance for humans. Even though some forms of protection are the same, pet insurance is a derivative of property insurance.

There are two types of policies in insurance products specifically for pets:

  1. Non-lifetime (not for life)

This first type of insurance will protect pets under certain conditions and time periods. The policy used will only cover all things experienced by the pet at that time and is not valid for life.

Usually, this insurance is used by animal keepers whose aim is to breed animals to resell or offer for adoption to other people.

  1. Lifetime (lifetime)

This policy applies to protect animals in a living condition until they die. With this animal insurance product, the costs of burying dead pets can be facilitated.

Benefits of Pet Insurance

Just like other types of insurance, pet insurance gives pet owners peace of mind. Especially if we consider pets as part of the family, of course we don’t want anything bad to happen to our beloved pets.

These are the benefits you get from insuring your pet:

  1. Pet health care: Just like insurance in general, insuring animals means reducing the burden of pet health care costs if they are sick or have an accident.
  2. Protection against pet theft: Nobody wants their pet stolen. However, if that happens, pet owners will receive compensation when their pets are stolen.
  3. Coverage for pet death costs: Similar to other insurance, pet insurance also covers the burial costs of pets who die due to illness or accidents.
  4. Coverage for medical costs for owner injuries caused by pets: Not only are pets protected, but the owners also receive protection if they are injured by their pets. In this way, pet insurance also facilitates medical costs incurred by humans due to attacks by pets.
  5. Protection of property damaged by pets: No matter how tame our pets are, it doesn’t mean we can prevent their behavior. Even pets still have the instinct to be wild and active. For example, destroy things at home. Pet insurance provides replacement facilities for items damaged by pets.
  6. Costs for caring for animals in the dormitory or animal care: Some pet insurance will cover the costs of caring for pets left behind by their employers. This insurance can also cover the costs of caring for animals left in daycare.

Types of Animals That Can Be Insured

This insurance is only limited to pets, whether pets at home or for breeding. Common pets are cats, rabbits, dogs, fish, and ornamental birds. Meanwhile, for livestock, so far the most insured are cows.

But there are some other pets that can be insured:

2. Reptiles such as snakes, lizards, and iguanas
3. Small birds such as lovebirds, parakeets, and cockatiels
4. Exotic medium-sized mammals such as the Pygmy Goat or Kune-Kune Pig

Especially for exotic animals, a permit is required from the Natural Resources Conservation Agency, which proves that the animal was obtained legally.

The Most Unique Pet Insurance Claim This Year

National Pet Insurance announced that a New York cat that accidentally got folded up on a lying sofa bed was awarded the Hambone Award for the most unusual pet insurance claim of the year.

Nationwide said the 15th annual Hambone Award, named in honor of a dog who ate an entire ham while trapped in a refrigerator, was awarded to a cat named Giles.

Giles’ owners, Reid and Kaitlyn, said the cat was under the sofa bed when Reid’s stepmother folded him back onto the sofa.

Reporting from UPI, Giles, like the other finalists for this award, has fully recovered from his injuries. “Giles’ situation shows how easily an ordinary situation can become precarious for a pet.”

Jules Benson, vice president of pet health and chief veterinarian for Nationwide, said this in a press release.

“We are very pleased that the quick actions of Giles’ family and their animal care team have helped Giles make a speedy recovery,” he said.

Giles and his owner were awarded a Hambone Award trophy, a gift card, and a donation in the cat’s name to a pet-related charity approved by the family.

How do get a pet insurance certificate?

From Giles’s experience above, many pet owners don’t know the importance of having a pet certificate or birth certificate. This certificate is very useful, especially if you want to have protection products such as animal insurance.

There are several types of certificates available, such as a stamp certificate for dogs or an ICA for cats.

A stamp certificate is issued by Perkin (the Indonesian Kinology Association), which contains information on the animal’s pedigree up to the previous four generations. Making a stamp certificate is quite easy, as long as both parents of the dog being kept also have a stamp certificate.

Visit the site at for complete information. A cat certificate is issued by the ICA (Indonesian Cat Association), which shows the kitten’s ancestry several generations ago. To get this pet certificate, you can register via the official website at

How to Claim Pet Insurance

Usually, the system used for property insurance is reimbursement. So, pet owners bear the costs of medical treatment first before submitting a claim by bringing proof.

Here’s the claim process for pet insurance:

  • Ask for help from a veterinarian.
  • Claim directly to the company.
  • Contact an insurance agent.
  • Call the insurance company directly.
  • Fill out the online claim form if available.

Recommendations for Pet Insurance in Indonesia

Even though it is not widely known, several insurance companies have started offering insurance products for pets. Each product has different benefits that you can adjust to your needs.

Some of the best insurance products for pets in Indonesia include:

  • Pet insurance from PT Mandiri AXA General Insurance;
  • Simas Pet Insurance from Sinar Mas Insurance;
  • Zurich Pet Insurance.***

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