5 Right Moments Invite Family to Have Insurance

Queenews.com- In times of crisis, many people rely on insurance policies to maintain their financial stability. However, not everyone understands the benefits of insurance protection.

According to data from the Indonesian Life Insurance Association (AAJI), the number of insurance participants in Indonesia is only around 17.4 million people. This number is quite low when compared to the total national population which has touched 270 million people (according to 2020 BPS data).

Many of us may feel that paying for insurance is a burden. However, there will come a time when we realize that getting coverage in an emergency is the best investment we have ever made. Insurance not only protects us personally, but also the future of our loved ones.

Therefore, it is important for us to make every family member aware, be it parents, brothers, sisters, husband/wife, or even children, to have personal insurance. Because of this, you need to recognize what moments can be used as the right start to convince them and yourself about the importance of having insurance.

1.18th Birthday

If you have a child who is 18 years old, it’s time you gave him a life insurance protection. That way, your child will have a regular habit of saving on insurance. Moreover, the age of 18 is the initial age for a person to become a Policy Holder in his own name.

So, the right insurance option for 18 year olds is MiSmart Insurance Solution (MiSSION). Only by paying a premium starting from IDR 4 million per year, teenagers can already get life protection along with the investment from the premium they pay.

2.Got First Job

When a person starts making his own money, it is the first step for him to build wealth. Therefore, you can suggest that he put a small part of his income to buy life insurance. Or, if he already has one, he can pay for an additional (rider) benefit that offers more comprehensive coverage.

Having life insurance is also one of the initial foundations for thinking about a retirement plan. The earlier a person has a retirement fund, the more time for him to grow the fund.

Especially for those who have high-risk jobs or have to work out of town/country, life insurance is the right choice. If something happens to him while working, his family will still be protected from unexpected financial burdens.


When you decide to get married, it means you are ready to share your life with someone. When your partner becomes a part of your life, it means you have to be able to take care of them. Therefore, the early days of marriage are the right moment to talk about insurance to protect you and your partner.

At least, insurance that is suitable for new married couples, namely health insurance. Manulife offers MiUltimate Health Care, one of the benefits of which is that the Insured will receive various health care benefits until delivery.

4.Having a Baby

Some say, you can only really understand the importance of Insurance when you start taking responsibility for the lives of others. One of them is your child.

As a parent, your priority in life should be securing their future, including ensuring that they will have access to education no matter what happens to you.

In this case, life insurance and additional protection can help pay off your child’s education if you experience premature life risks that make you unable to support your family.

5.Buying Property

If one of your family is planning to buy a house on credit, make sure they are covered by life insurance. The reason is, buying at a large cost requires careful planning. If something happens to them, life insurance can help the surviving family pay off the loan without difficulty.

Ultimately, life insurance is made to protect you and your family from uncertainty. No one can predict what will happen in the future. So, the best way to avoid burdens in the future is to provide your family with insurance.

Don’t wait for unwanted events to happen before you take action. Consider Life Insurance for you and your family today.

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