Top 3 Gold Investment Applications Registered For Latest OJK 2023 – These are the top 3 latest Office of Financial Services (OJK) registered gold investment applications for 2023.

Currently, investing in gold is certainly trending among society, especially among the upper middle class.

The reason is that investing in gold is considered more attractive than other investments.

Therefore, quite a lot of people feel confident and confident in investing in gold.

Below we share information about OJK registered or legal gold investment applications.

  1. Pawnshop Digital

The next gold investment platform we recommend is Pegadaian Digital. This government application makes it easier for ordinary people to make transactions.

This is because you need to invest IDR 5,000 in gold to invest in gold with Pegadaian Digital.

Registration is easy. Enter your personal information to download your KTP photos. Once successful, you can start investing using the Digital Pawnshop application

Apart from investing, the pawn shop application can also be used to buy gold, sell gold and transfer to gold printing.


The best investment app for gold this time is INDOGOLD. This application allows investors to invest in gold from a minimum of 10,000 IDR.

All gold balances stored in the INDOGOLD application can be verified in physical form, but the minimum withdrawal requirement is 1 gram. In addition, the INDOGOLG application has many advanced features such as: B. Gold plan features. Useful for knowing and printing the criteria for buying and selling small amounts of gold.

In addition, INDOGOLD locks in the price of gold and offers the option to repay over a period of up to 36 months.

The final advanced feature is the Gold Pledge. This feature allows you to apply for emergency funds in gold without losing ownership.

  1. Pluang

Pluang is a digital gold investment platform licensed by Bappebti and backed by OJK. Investing in gold in Pluang is very easy and safe.

Puruan may be a digital gold investment recommendation that you should definitely try. Gold prices are very low in Pluang, with the smallest price difference of 3%.

In addition, Pluang gold is certified by PT Antam and is printable. Rest assured that Pluang is a safe investment application. 

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